Using Dynatrace AppMon


Dynatrace AppMon provides full lifecycle APM for VMware Tanzu Apps. Key features include the following:

  • In-depth view into all real user actions and every visit, across mobile, web, and any other channel
  • Gain a complete view of transactions across your entire application delivery chain
  • Gapless transactional continuity, from your mobile device or browser, all the way to the back-end and specific line of application code
  • Integrate seamlessly with popular CI/CD systems, making performance-driven development and delivery a continuous process
  • The out-of-the-box Database Health Dashboard highlights issues with stored procedures, missing indexes, slow running SQL queries, and more
  • Quickly Identify and resolve performance issues hiding in an application’s code or coming from a third party
  • Benchmarks the design of your site across detailed elements (images, JavaScript, time to first paint, etc.)
  • Starting with code check-in on your developer’s machine, automated quality checks prevent bad code from showing up later in the pipeline when it’s more complicated to fix

See the Dynatrace website for more details about Dynatrace AppMon.

Dynatrace AppMon Client Data Views

Dynatrace AppMon offers multiple views of application data, including the following:

Appmon host view

Java Process Health

Appmon java health

PurePaths View

Appmon pure paths

Response Time Hotspots

Appmon response hotspots

Web Request Performance

Appmon web request

Transaction Flow

Appmon transaction flow

Database Dashlet

Appmon db dashlet