Uninstalling the Dynatrace Full-Stack Add-on for PCF

This topic describes how to uninstall Dynatrace from your deployment of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).

Uninstall the Dynatrace Full-Stack Add-on for PCF

  1. Retrieve the latest runtime config.

    $ bosh -e my-env runtime-config > PATH_TO_SAVE_THE_RUNTIME_CONFIG

  2. Remove the addons section(s) for Dynatrace.

    - name: dynatrace-oneagent-addon
    - name: dynatrace-oneagent-windows-addon

  3. Update the runtime config.

    $ bosh -e my-env update-runtime-config PATH_TO_SAVE_THE_RUNTIME_CONFIG

  4. Navigate to your Installation Dashboard in Ops Manager.

  5. Click Apply Changes.