Configuring DataStax Enterprise Service Broker for PCF

To configure DataStax Enterprise Service Broker for PCF, navigate to the tile in the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard, click the tile to open its configuration tabs, and select the Settings tab.

The Settings tab includes the standard configuration panes Assign AZs and Networks, Errands, Resource Config, and Stemcell, shared by all Ops Manager tiles.

The Settings tab also contains the following four product-specific panes:

Service Settings

Image of OpsManager Cassandra Service Access Configuration

This pane includes the following fields:

  • Service name to appear in Apps Manager.

  • Service CLI name to use with Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI) commands, such as cf create-service.

  • Service description in the services marketplace.

Cassandra Cluster Settings

Image of OpsManager Cassandra Cluster Configuration

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) needs these fields from the external DataStax Enterprise cluster, to allow access:

  • IP Address
  • Port (default: 9042)
  • Admin username
  • Admin password

PCF uses the admin credentials to let users bind and unbind CF applications and manage users in DataStax Enterprise.

Service Plans

Image of OpsManager Cassandra Service plans Configuration

In this pane you must define at least one plan, and you can define more. Each plan must have a Plan Name and Plan Description.

You can optionally set a Cassandra Role for each plan. When an app accesses DataStax Enterprise Cassandra through an instance of this plan, this is the Cassandra role that defines its permissions. If unset, the plan instance uses the admin credentials and has no Cassandra role assigned.

Service Access

By default, all service plans for the DataStax Enterprise service are private.

To make the service plans public, publishing them to the Services Marketplace, select Enable global access to plans of service DataStax Cassandra Service Broker for PCF.

Image of OpsManager Cassandra Service Access Configuration

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