Using the Cloudsoft Service Broker Tile

This document describes how to use the Cloudsoft Service Broker to create new services, control service access and view runtime information.

Log in to Cloudsoft Service Broker

  1. In Apps Manager, search for the cloudsoft-service-broker-manager app in the cloudsoft-service-broker-org and cloudsoft-service-broker-space. Click the app to view the dashboard.

    App dashboard

  2. Navigate to https://cloudsoft-service-broker-manager.YOUR-SYSTEM-DOMAIN in your browser.

  3. Log in to the Cloudsoft Service Broker using the SECURITY_USER_NAME and SECURITY_USER_PASSWORD environment variables from the app dashboard:


Add a Service

Operators can use the Cloudsoft Service Broker to create two kinds of services:

  • Database Access: Creating a database access service enables the Cloudsoft Service Broker to securely access data from a pre-existing database.
  • AMP Service: Creating an AMP service requires a blueprint for the Cloudsoft Application Management Platform (AMP). You can use an existing blueprint or write your own from Apache Brooklyn entities such as Cassandra, CouchBase, CouchDB, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Redis, Riak, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more. For more information, see the Writing Application Blueprints topic in the Cloudsoft documentation.

To add a service, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Databases.

    Getting started

  2. Select cloudsoft-service-broker from the Service Broker drop-down menu.

  3. Click the + button and perform the following steps to add a new database access service: Databases

    • Select your database type: Select the type of the existing database.
    • DB host / IP: Provide the host or IP of the existing database.
    • DB port: Provide the port of the existing database.
    • DB admin user username and DB admin user password: Provide the credentials of a user on the database that can create new users.
    • DB instance name: Provide the database name of the existing database.
    • DB service name: Specify the name of the new service.

To add a new AMP Service, perform the following steps:

  1. Click AMP Services.

  2. Click the + button and perform the following steps to add a new AMP service: AMP service

    • Service Name and Service Description: Specify the name and description of the new service.
    • Icon URL: Provide the URL to an icon to use to represent the service.
    • Service Type: Select a service type.
    • Blueprint: Provide the blueprint.
    • Plans: Describe your Service Plans. For each plan, perform the following steps: AMP Service Plan
      1. Provide a name and description.
      2. Describe the configuration that makes the plan different from others.
      3. Click Add Plan.
    • Click Save.

Control Service Access

  1. From any of Databases, AMP Services, or All CF Service choose a service to define access to. Make visible
  2. Click Access Control.
  3. Select the organizations that should be able to see and use the service.
  4. Click Save.

View Runtime Information

  1. From either Databases or AMP Services, click the services in use tab.
  2. Choose a service to view runtime information. View runtime
  3. Select the entity from the topology graph.
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