Using Boomi AtomSphere Integration Services for PCF

This topic describes how to use Boomi AtomSphere Integration Services for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).

Using Boomi AtomSphere Integration Services for PCF

Because the Boomi Atom is mostly controlled via the AtomSphere platform, there is very little which needs to be done from within PCF. There are a few tasks which may need to be done directly in PCF from time to time.

Start and Stop the Boomi Atom Service (and/or the Hosting VMs)

The Atoms can be controlled as normal BOSH services.

Access Files on the Atom’s File System

Occasionally, files may need to be accessed or modified directly on the Atom’s local file system. In order to get to this location, follow these steps:

  1. Find the Atom’s local directory from the Startup Properties panel in the AtomSphere user interface under the entry named Atom Installation Directory.
  2. SSH to the appropriate VM using the standard BOSH procedures.
  3. Use the information from the first step to change into the Atom’s installation directory.

Resize the VM Hosting the Atom

  1. Return to the Resource Config tab in the tile configuration page.

  2. Select the new configuration parameters and Apply changes.

    The Atom is restarted because the underlying VM is re-sized, but no information is lost.

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