Installing and Configuring Azuqua Platform Connector for PCF

This topic describes how Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) operators can install and configure the Azuqua Platform Connector tile to make the service available to PCF developers. It also explains how to troubleshoot service setup errors.

Install the Azuqua Platform Connector Tile in Ops Manager

Perform the following steps to install the Azuqua Platform Connector tile:

  1. Download the product file from Pivotal Network.

  2. From the PCF Ops Manager Installation Dashboard, click Import a Product to upload the product file.

  3. Under Available Products in Ops Manager, click Add next to the uploaded product description to add the Azuqua Platform Connector tile to your staging area.

  4. Navigate to to open the Azuqua Designer.

  5. From the Azuqua Designer, select Account Settings from the dropdown menu at upper-right. Azuqua Designer: Account Settings

  6. Click Developer and record your Access Key and Access Token. Azuqua Designer: Access Key and Token

  7. Navigate back to the PCF Ops Manager.

  8. Click the Azuqua Platform Connector for PCF tile.

  9. Under the Settings tab, click Azuqua Access Keys and complete the following fields:

    • Access Key: Enter the access key you recorded above.
    • Access Secret: Enter the access token you recorded above.

    Azuqua for PCF Tile: Azuqua Access Keys pane

  10. Return to the Ops Manager installation dashboard and click Apply Changes to finish installing the service.

  11. After Azuqua Platform Connector for PCF has finished deploying in Ops Manager, navigate to PCF Apps Manager and click on the new Azuqua Space. Click on the Azuqua route to return to the Azuqua Designer and finish the authorization process.

  12. Once the Azuqua Platform Connector has been authorized, you can now return to the Azuqua Designer by entering https://azuqua.YOUR-SYSTEM-DOMAIN.

Troubleshoot Azuqua Platform Connector for PCF

If you receive errors using the Azuqua Platform Connector tile or the Azuqua Designer, ensure the following:

  • Users have the proper permissions from UAA to access the service broker.

  • You have a CA signed certificate if your UAA is using HTTPS.

  • You have entered the correct Azuqua access key and access token.

  • You have network access to from the service broker and all subdomains of from your workstation.

After making any changes to accommodate the above requirements, you need to restage the Azuqua Platform Connector service on PCF and update the service catalog, as described below.

Restage Azuqua Platform Connector

To restage the Azuqua Platform Connector service and update the service catalog on PCF, do the following:

  1. Run cf restage azuqua.

  2. Run cf update-service-broker azuqua USER PASSWORD SERVICE-BROKER-URL.

    • To find USER and PASSWORD, run cf env azuqua and check the output for variables SECURITY_USER_NAME and SECURITY_USER_PASSWORD.
    • To find SERVICE-BROKER-URL, run cf apps.

As an alternative to the steps above, you can reinstall the Azuqua Platform Connector for PCF tile from the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard.

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