Upgrading to AppDynamics APM v1.0.1

This topic describes how to upgrade to v1.0.1 of the AppDynamics APM tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). If you use JMX Bridge v1.6.x or later, you must also configure your JMX Bridge tile.


Release Date: February 20, 2016

Features included in this release:

  • Updated stemcell to v3146.9
  • Fixed machine agent related issue for multiple PCF installations
  • TierName, NodeName and UniqueHostID suffixed with DomainName
  • Support for OpenTSDB Firehose Nozzle; support for all Cloud Foundry deployment metrics

Upgrade AppDynamics APM

  1. In Ops Manager, click Import a Product to import the new tile binary. Import Product

  2. Click Upgrade on the left panel for AppDynamics. Upgrade

  3. If you have multiple PCF installations, update the Application name for Machine Agent Extension so that the application name for each Machine Agent Extension would is unique across PCF installations. Save these changes. Application Name for MachineAgent

  4. If necessary, import a new stem cell version 3146.9 from http://bosh.io/stemcells. Upgrade Stem Cell

  5. Click Apply Changes. This will upgrade your tile to v1.0.1. Apply Changes

  6. Once the tile is successfully installed, check all the Cloud Foundry deployment metrics on this path by navigating to Metric Browser > Application Infrastructure Performance > {Tier Name} > Custom Metrics > CF. enter image description here

  7. If you use JMX Bridge v1.6.x or later, follow the steps in the next section.

Configure JMX Bridge Tile

Note: This procedure is only necessary if you are using JMX Bridge v1.6.x or later.

  1. Ensure the OpenTSDB instance for JMX Bridge is configured to run one instance in the JMX Bridge Tile. enter image description here

  2. Get the IP address of the JMX Provider VM (Ops metrics VM) from JMX Bridge Tile > Status. enter image description here

  3. In the Director Config section of the BOSH Director tile, set the Metrics IP Address to value of JMX Provider VM IP address. enter image description here

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