Installing and Configuring AppDynamics

Note: For instructions for installing AppDynamics v1.x, see (Deprecated) Installing and Configuring AppDynamics APM (1.x version).

This topic describes how to install and configure Appdynamics APM monitoring in Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Before You Start

Create a Pivotal Network account if you do not have one.

Set Up the Service Broker Tile

  1. Log in to Ops Manager.

  2. If the AppDynamics Service Broker tile does not appear in the Installation Dashboard, click Import a Product in the left-side menu and import the AppDynamics tile.

  3. Double-click the AppDynamics tile in the Installation Dashboard.

  4. In the Settings tab, click AppDynamics Controller Configuration. Then click Add. Install 02 appd controller config add

  5. Enter the following Service Plan options. All of these fields are required. The Java Agent configuration page page includes descriptions for these options.

    • Controller Configuration Name
    • Controller Configuration Description
    • Account Name – This is the account name used to access the Controller
    • Account Access Key – In the Controller, click the gear icon and choose License > Account > Access Key. If the Account Access Key includes one or more $ characters, append a second $ to every $ included in the key string and surround the entire string with single quotes (’).
    • Controller Host
    • Controller Port
    • SSL Port – Do not enable. SSL is not supported in this version of the tile. Install 03 controller config options
  6. Click Save to save the changes and return to the Installation Dashboard.

  7. In the Installation Dashboard, click Apply Changes and wait for all the changes to get applied.

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