AppDynamics APM

This is documentation for the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) AppDynamics APM tile.

AppDynamics APM supports performance monitoring of application and machine metrics. AppDynamics agent code embedded or bundled with an application instruments the application code and publishes performance monitoring metrics and other details back to the AppDynamics APM Dashboard.

Product Snapshot

Current AppDynamics APM tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry details:
Version: v1.2
Release date: February 1, 2017
AppDynamics Machine Agent version: v4.2.10.0
AppDynamics Database Agent version: v4.1.8.0, v4.1.10.0
AppDynamics Analytics Agent version: v4.1.8.0
Compatible Ops Manager version(s): v1.7.x, v1.8.x, v1.9.x
Compatible Elastic Runtime version(s): v1.7.x, v1.8.x, v1.9.x
Compatible AppDynamics Controller version(s): v4.2.x
vSphere support? Yes
OpenStack support? Yes
AWS support? Yes
GCP support? Yes
Azure support? Yes

Trial License

Users interested in AppDynamics can sign up for a free trial license.

Installing and Configuring


Packaging Dependencies for Offline Buildpacks

If you are running PCF in an offline manner, you should recreate and package the dependencies, including AppDynamics agent binaries via offline buildpacks, in your PCF environment.

Review the Packaging Dependencies for Offline Buildpacks topic for more information.


Please provide any bugs, feature requests, or questions to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Feedback list.

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