AppDynamics Application Analytics for VMware Tanzu Tile FAQs

Application Analytics Agent FAQs

How do I configure an Application Analytics Agent?

Please refer these Configuration instructions

How is Analytics Agent Packaged?

We package an Analytics Agent into a tile. When the tile is installed it runs as a Java application on the elastic runtime of the VMware Tanzu cloud.

What Application Analytics modules are supported?

Currently only Transaction Analytics are supported.

How do I enable Application Analytics for an application?

  • Installing the tile deploys an analytics agent on the elastic runtime of the VMware Tanzu cloud.
  • This analytics agent listens on a URL, note down the url.
  • For the application to capture transaction analytics set the environment variable JAVA_OPTS: "<analytics-url>/v1/sinks/bt"
  • Restage the application. To learn more see: Analytics Deployment Options

What needs to be done to enable SSL communication between applications and AppDynamics Analytics Service/Controller?

  • No additional configuration is required.
  • The analytics agent container uses certificates imported into containers automatically by the BOSH director just like any other Java application container
  • A key store is automatically created and managed by the standard java buildpack which creates the analytics agent container
  • The certficate issued by BOSH director is present in /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

How to troubleshoot Application Analytics for VMware Tanzu?

  • Check the Analytics Agent container logs
  • Check for any errors
  $  cf ssh appdanalytics-{version} -c "cat /home/vcap/app/analytics-agent/logs/analytics-agent.log"
  $ cf ssh appdanalytics-{version} -c "cat /home/vcap/app/analytics-agent/logs/analytics-agent-http.log"

There are SSL errors in the logs? How do we check the certificate?

  • This certificate is automatically generated and imported into a container by VMware Tanzu’s OpsManager Security Manager.
  • If you are using an On-Premises Controller with SSL installation. Make sure you have included the entire certificate chain in the security configuration of the OpsManager director tile.
  • To verify if the certificate is properly imported, check the certficate chain /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt in the container and confirm that the relevant certficate is present in the chain.
  $  cf ssh appdanalytics-{version} -c "cat /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt"

How is the Keystore created from the .crt file?

  • We use the standard java buildpack to create the analytics agent container.
  • As for any java container, the buildpack automatically creates the TrustManager for /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt and watches it.
  $  cf ssh appdanalytics-{version} -c "grep -i TrustManager ~/app/analytics-agent/logs/*.log"
/home/vcap/app/analytics-agent/logs/analytics-agent.log:[2018-09-29T02:51:59,022Z]  [INFO ]  [main]  [o.c.s.CloudFoundryContainerTrustManagerFactory$PKIXFactory]  Adding System Trust Manager
/home/vcap/app/analytics-agent/logs/analytics-agent.log:[2018-09-29T02:51:59,022Z]  [INFO ]  [main]  [o.c.s.CloudFoundryContainerTrustManagerFactory$PKIXFactory]  Adding TrustManager for /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
/home/vcap/app/analytics-agent/logs/analytics-agent.log:[2018-09-29T02:51:59,211Z]  [INFO ]  [main]  [o.c.s.FileWatchingX509ExtendedTrustManager]  Initialized TrustManager for /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

What AppDynamics support do we provide?

  • Analytics Agent container logs
  $  cf ssh appdanalytics-{version} -c "cat /home/vcap/app/analytics-agent/logs/analytics-agent.log"
  $ cf ssh appdanalytics-{version} -c "cat /home/vcap/app/analytics-agent/logs/analytics-agent-http.log"