Using Altoros Log Search for VMware Tanzu

This topic describes how to use Altoros Log Search for VMware Tanzu.

Accessing Altoros Log Search Kibana Dashboard

To access Altoros Log Search with your VMware Tanzu deployment, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Pivotal Elastic Runtime tile, click Domains.

  2. Record the value for System Domain. Ert system domain

  3. Navigate to https://logs.YOUR-SYSTEM-DOMAIN.

  4. Log in to Altoros Log Search using your Pivotal Elastin Runtime credentials. Logsearch login

Configuring Altoros Log Search Kibana Dashboards

For information about creating and editing Kibana visualizations and dashboards, see Building a Dashboard and Creating a Visualization.

Create, Use, and Manage Service Instances

In order to use the Log Search On Demand Service Broker you should go through the following steps:

  1. Set your API endpoint to the Cloud Controller of your deployment.
    $ cf api api.YOUR-SYSTEM-DOMAIN
    Setting api endpoint to api.YOUR-SYSTEM-DOMAIN...
    API endpoint:  https://api.YOUR-SYSTEM-DOMAIN (API version: 2.59.0)
    Not logged in. Use 'cf login' to log in.
  2. Log into your deployment and select an org and a space.
    $ cf login
    API endpoint: https://api.YOUR-SYSTEM-DOMAIN
  3. List the Marketplace services and locate the Logsearch On-Demand Service.

    $ cf marketplace
    Getting services from marketplace in org example / space development as

    service plans description logsearch-on-demand single_node Logsearch On Demand

  4. Create an instance of the Logsearch On-Demand Service. Currently only single_node service plan is supported.

    $ cf create-service logsearch-on-demand single_node YOUR-SERVICE-INSTANCE
    Creating service instance YOUR-SERVICE-INSTANCE in org example / space development as
  5. Before binding the app, first check that the service was created. You can do this by using: cf service INSTANCE_NAME.

  6. Bind your application to the service instance.

    $ cf bind-service YOUR-APP YOUR-SERVICE-INSTANCE
    Binding service YOUR-SERVICE-INSTANCE to app YOUR-APP in org example / space development as
    TIP: Use 'cf restage YOUR-APP' to ensure your env variable changes take effect
  7. Restage the app for the binding to take effect. After this step is done VMware Tanzu will start to automatically stream your application logs to the newly created Log Search service instance.

    $ cf restage YOUR-APP
  8. Execute cf env YOUR-APP command. This step allows you to review environment variables that the Logserach On Demand Broker sets for your application. This environment variable has the following format:

       "syslog_host": <syslog_host>,
       "syslog_port": "5514",
       "kibana_url": <kibana-url>
  9. Use the kibana_url parameter from the previous step to access Kibana UI and observe your application logs.

  10. Log into Kibana using your platform credentials.