Scaling Altoros Log Search for PCF

This topic describes how to scale Altoros Log Search for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).

Determine if You Need to Scale

Follow the steps below to view a histogram for your recent logs and identify if all logs are being parsed indexed in real-time:

  • Select logs-* index pattern in the Kibana dashboard. Select index pattern

  • Enter * in the Kibana search bar to see all logs.

  • Examine the histogram for a gap in recent logs as it is shown on the image below. A gap means that Log Search cannot keep up with indexing and parsing the incoming data in real-time. To address this issue, you can scale up your cluster to handle the load. Gap in logs

Scale Up Your Cluster

Follow these steps to scale up your Altoros Log Search for PCF cluster to handle more incoming data.

  1. Open Altoros Log Search for PCF tile in PCF Ops Manager, click the Status tab. Logsearch status

  2. Verify current CPU usage for the Log Search Ingestor jobs. If the load is more than 60%, perform the next steps:

    1. Navigate to the Altoros Log Search for PCF tile and click Resource Config.
    2. Add extra Log Search Ingestor instances until CPU load drops below 60%.
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