Using Altoros Jenkins for PCF

This topic describes how to use Altoros Jenkins for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).


You have installed and configured the Altoros Jenkins for PCF tile. For information, see Installing and Configuring Altoros Jenkins for PCF.

Use Altoros Jenkins for PCF

To use Altoros Jenkins with your PCF deployment, do the following:

  1. Navigate to https://jenkins.YOUR-SYSTEM-DOMAIN.

    A prompt appears requesting permission for Jenkins, see Altoros Jenkins for PCF tile > Credentials for these credentials.

  2. Log in to Jenkins using the Administrator credentials.

Set up Docker Followers for Jenkins

To use Jenkins Docker Plugin with your Altoros Jenkins for PCF deployment, do the following:

  1. Docker appears in the Cloud section of the Jenkins configuration, select Docker from the Add a new cloud drop down menu. Docker cloud conf

  2. Select the Docker and complete these fields:

    • Name: You can give any name for your cloud.
    • Docker URL: This is the connection URL to your Jenkins Docker Cloud host with configured Docker daemon (e.g. tcp://
    • Docker Image: Container to be used as a Jenkins follower build node.
    • Labels: Labels to give these nodes, for limiting your builds. Docker cloud conf2
  3. Configure a job to use Jenkins Docker Cloud using the labels from the previous step. Job conf

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