Errands for the a9s BOSH for PCF

Errands are tasks which are executed after a tile installation/update (Post-Deploy Errands) or before a tile gets deleted (Pre-Delete Errands). The a9s BOSH for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) tile provides two errands which can be disabled in the Errands panes of the tile configuration:

a9s BOSH for PCF errands

Run Cloud Config Updater Errand

The Cloud Config Updater errand uploads the Cloud Config YAML specified in the Cloud Config tab. In case you deactivate this errands, changes in the Cloud Config pane would not have any effects.

If this errand is never executed with a proper Cloud Config, the a9s service tiles will not be able to provision service instances.

Run BOSH Configurator Errand

The BOSH configurator errand uploads the required stemcells to the a9s BOSH director.

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