Customizing MySQL for PCF

This topic provides instructions for developers customizing their MySQL for PCF service instances.

These procedures use the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI). You can also use Apps Manager to perform the same tasks using a graphical UI.

For general information about using MySQL for PCF, see Using MySQL for PCF.


MySQL for PCF service instances are configured by default with industry best practices. For more specific use cases, MySQL for PCF service instances can be more customized via the cf CLI.

Provide Optional Parameters

You can create service instance by passing optional parameters to cf create-service using the -c flag. The -c flag accepts a valid JSON object containing service-specific configuration parameters, provided either in-line or in a file.

The MySQL service broker supports the following parameters:

Key Type Default Description
enable_lower_case_table_names Boolean false When set to true, sets MySQL’s lower_case_table_names property to 1. For more information, consult the MySQL documentation. May only be set when creating a service instance.

If you encounter an error using optional parameters, see Troubleshooting Instances

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