Overview of MySQL for PCF v2.0

This topic describes the significant new features in MySQL for PCF v2.0. This topic also presents a checklist that you can use to decide if MySQL for PCF is ready to meet your business requirements.


MySQL for PCF v2.0 introduces the On-Demand Service, which provides dedicated instances of MySQL that App Developers can provision on-demand from the command line. The MySQL for PCF On-Demand service is designed to improve the flexibility in how and when instances are provisioned and allows for more efficient and seamless resource use for both Operator and App Developer. Additionally, both Operator and App Developer can configure essential MySQL settings. MySQL for PCF v2.0 can be installed alongside the earlier MySQL for PCF v1.x tiles.

MySQL for PCF’s On-Demand Service leverages the on-demand service broker.

New in This Release

The following features are new in MySQL for PCF v2.0:

  • Operator enabled plans — Operators can enable and configure five service plans for dynamically provisioned instances with different memory and disk sizes.
  • Operator configured backups — Operators can enable and configure backups of dynamically provisioned instances to a variety of remote storage destinations.
  • Quotas — Operators can set plan-level quotas and a global quota across all on-demand instances.
  • Metrics — Operators can monitor service utilization and receive metrics from all dynamically provisioned service instances.
  • App Developer provisioned instances — App Developers can create an Operator-configured plan from the command line.

On Demand Service Plan Descriptions

PCF MySQL offers five on-demand plans as the p.mysql service within the PCF MySQL tile. The plans can be configured in any way that you see fit. However, plans should be configured such that they increase in size.

For each service plan, the operator can configure the Plan name, Plan description, Server VM type and Server Disk type, or choose to disable the plan completely.

Operators can update certain plan settings after the plans have been created. If the Operator updates the VM size or disk size these settings will be implemented in all instances already created. Operators should not downsize the VMs or disk size as this can cause data loss in pre-existing instances.

Enterprise-Ready Checklist

Review the following table to determine if MySQL for PCF v2.0 has the features needed to support your enterprise.

Plans and InstancesMore Information
On-Demand, Dedicated-VM plansMySQL for PCF provides On-Demand VM plansArchitecture
Customizable plansFor the On-Demand Plan, the operator can customize the VM, disk size, and availability zone.Configuring
Installation and UpgradesMore Information
Product upgradesMySQL for PCF can be upgraded within the v2.x tile series. Additionally, it can be installed alongside the MySQL for PCF v1.X tiles to enable easy manual migrations Upgrading MySQL for PCF
Deployment Smoke TestsMySQL for PCF installation and upgrade runs a post deployment BOSH errand that validates basic MySQL operations
Maintenance and BackupsMore Information
Operational Monitoring and LoggingMySQL for PCF v2.0 provides metrics for monitoring On-Demand plan usage and quotas, as well as MySQL system metrics. Additionally, MySQL for PCF provides syslog redirection to external log ingestors. Monitoring MySQL for PCF
Backup and RestoreMySQL for PCF v2.0 includes automatic backups on a configurable schedule to a variety of destinations, as well as a simple restore process. Manual Backup and Restore of MySQL for PCF
Scale and AvailabilityMore Information
On-Demand PlanMySQL for PCF provides up to 50 on-demand instances across all plans
Ability to Scale Up / DownOperators can scale VMs up, but not downConfiguring
Rolling DeploymentsMySQL for PCF does not support rolling deployments because it is single node; the service is unavailable during upgrades.Upgrades
AZ SupportAssigning multiple AZs to MySQL jobs does not guarantee high availability. About Multiple AZs in MySQL for PCF
EncryptionMore Information
Encrypted Communication in TransitMySQL for PCF has been tested successfully with the BOSH IPsec Add-on Securing Data in Transit with the IPsec Add-on

About Multiple AZs in MySQL for PCF v2.0

MySQL for PCF v2.0 supports configuring multiple AZs. However, assigning multiple AZs to MySQL jobs does not guarantee high availability.

  • On-Demand plans can be assigned to any of the configured availability zones. However each instance still operates as a single node with no clustering.
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