MySQL Components Release Notes

Warning: MySQL for PCF v1.10 is no longer supported because it has reached the End of General Support (EOGS) phase as defined by the Support Lifecycle Policy. To stay up to date with the latest software and security updates, upgrade to a supported version.

Note: This topic contains informal release notes for internal components. For release notes for MySQL for PCF v1.10, see Release Notes.

mysql-monitoring v8.18.0

Released: May 3, 2018

  • Updated version of uaa-go-client in notifications-client [#156899178]

mysql-backups v2.3.0

Released: May 2, 2018

  • Changed: streaming-mysql-backup-tool should use mysql defaults file rather than rely on /etc/mysql/my.cnf [#156407009]

mysql-backups v2.2.0

  • Do not use

mysql-monitoring v8.17.0

Released: April 5, 2018

  • PXC-release should work with mysql-monitoring release [#156546108]

mysql-monitoring v8.16.0

Metrics updates

  • Sally would like to be able to monitor the CPU utilization of MySQL nodes via the firehose so that when a node is in distress, it can be raised as an alert. [#154105601].
  • Sally would prefer to track app activity by monitoring the queries metric, rather than questions [#153792436].
  • Sally would like to monitor app activity of the system by graphing the change in number of queries over time [#154105776].
  • Sally does not find any value in the Busy time metric, as it is in seconds, not percentage [#153792050].
  • Sally would like to turn off the mysql-metric logs [#154818152].

Metrics for Leader/Follower

  • Sally should see metrics for instance read_only status [#154154855].
  • Sally should see metrics for semi-sync replication [#155790867].

mysql-diag updates

  • mysql-diag should use the larger of the two partitions for reporting ephemeral disk usage [#155752812].
  • mysql-diag’s download-logs suggestion shall match the syntax of v36.11’s version [#155485142].
  • Bugfix: mysql-diag shall refer to p-mysql 1.10 documentation [#155482371].

mysql-monitoring v8.15.0

  • Improved: Metrics can monitor MySQL via Unix domain socket

Because metrics normally runs local to the MySQL node, there’s no reason to use a network interface. Instead of supplying a hostname, the service author can specify connecting to MySQL over Unix domain socket by providing the file path to that socket, rather than a hostname.

mysql-backup v2.1.0

Note: Pivotal updated the major version of mysql-backup-release to v2 in recognition of the fact that v1.38.0 required TLS, which should have been a major version change.

  • Improvements to make backups more time efficient [#153953405]
    • In our test environment, we shaved nearly 50% off backup times
  • Produce error output if any backup fails so that Operator can alarm on failing backups [#153613707]
  • mysql-backup no longer relies on innobackupex, which is deprecated [#136521881]
  • Bug fix: wsrep_sst_xtrabackup-v2 now logs errors to mysql stderr log [#142287703]
  • Bug fix: Product now makes sure to properly shut all processes down, to avoid orphan processes after an upgrade, etc. [#153616729]
  • Bug fix: streaming-mysql-backup-tool job fails if backup-prepare is scaled to 0 [#153863821]

mysql-monitoring v8.14.0

  • Bug fix: mysql-diag now fails quickly when VMs in the cluster aren’t available.
  • Bug fix: replication-canary causes high memory usage because it overwrites logs files rather than appends.

mysql-monitoring v8.13.0

  • New: Added metrics that represent disk usage as percentages.

This makes it easier to alert on disk usage without knowing the deployment disk size. For more information, see Persistent and Ephemeral Disk Used.

  • /p-mysql/system/persistent_disk_used_percent
  • /p-mysql/system/ephemeral_disk_used_percent
  • /p-mysql/system/persistent_disk_inodes_used_percent
  • /p-mysql/system/ephemeral_disk_inodes_used_percent

mysql-monitoring v8.12.0

  • New: Several new metrics which report disk space usage.
  • Bug fix: Addresses an issue where leader/follower replication lag was computed incorrectly.

mysql-backup v1.38.0

  • streaming-mysql-backup-client can be consumed as a library which would allow me to connect to a backup service and retrieve a backup artifact [#153272120] [#153293970].
  • Sally would like the channel between streaming-backup-tool and client to be encrypted so that backup artifacts aren’t transmitted cleartext [#152686562].
  • Bug fix: streaming-mysql-backup-client should exit with non-zero status on failure [#150648415].