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What is Concourse for VMware Tanzu?

Powerful primitives, simple abstractions

Concourse is an automation product built with simple, powerful primitives: resources, tasks, and jobs. This makes it extremely well suited to platform automation and CI/CD. Everything runs in containers, ensuring a clean environment on every run. The resource type abstraction makes integrations very easy to build and implement, and provides a powerful interface for extending pipeline functionality.

VMware Global Support Services

Enjoy proven, community-driven, open-source Concourse releases that are validated, enhanced, and supported by VMware. Long-term-stable releases on VMware Tanzu Network are hand-picked from our open source releases based on testing results and feedback from the community. Customers should always use releases from VMware Tanzu Network in order to receive the best possible stability and support.

Configuration as Code

Concourse uses a configuration-as-code approach that makes it much easier and more reliable to set up, replicate, and repave than other products which require clicking through a settings UI to configure.

Your entire configuration and all of your pipelines can be checked into source code management for reliable version control and context sharing over time.

Powerful UI

In addition, your pipeline configuration is visualized in the web UI, taking only one click to get from a red (failed) box to see why it failed. The visualization also provides a useful "gut check" feedback loop - if it looks wrong in the UI, it probably is wrong. Platform engineers and app developers can manage state and trigger builds using a well documented CLI or a browser-based dashboard interface, depending on their preferences and experience levels.

Deployment flexibility and speed

Concourse can be deployed with BOSH, Helm, directly from binaries, or with docker compose for local development. The ability to iterate in containers on a local environment makes it a very fast solution for developers to get to a green build even before they push their code for the first time. You can run workers on Linux, OSX (darwin), or Windows platforms.

Powered by Open Source

The open source community is actively engaged in just about every aspect of Concourse’s development. We have a friendly, helpful Discord group, a Discuss message board, and public Github projects tracking our roadmap, open issues, and development work in progress.