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Prerequisites and Background Information

Before you install Concourse for VMware Tanzu, you must have the following:

  • A supported IaaS provider: AWS, Azure, GCP, or vSphere

Deploying with BOSH


It is not recommended to use a BOSH Director associated with an existing Ops Manager deployment. This is because Concourse for VMware Tanzu can conflict with other tiles deploying on Ops Manager at the same time.

  • BOSH CLI v5.x. For more information, see Installing the CLI in the BOSH documentation.
  • Concourse BOSH release. Download this from VMware Tanzu Network.
  • The stemcell for your IaaS. You'll need these when you create your Concourse deployment manifest.

    Concourse v5.5.8 was tested on Stemcell 621.23 (Xenial) upon release and supports the 621.* Stemcell family.

    To download an Ubuntu Xenial stemcell from VMware Tanzu Network, see Stemcells for PCF (Ubuntu Xenial).

Deploying on Kubernetes with Helm

The Concourse team has tested deploying with Helm using the following prerequisites:

Enabling privileged containers on PKS

To enable the ability to have privileged containers on PKS, the plan configured to be used in the cluster must be changed.

Head to the plan configuration in OpsManager, and mark the Allow Privileged checkbox near the end:

You can verify if it worked by inspecting the pod security policy, which should indicate that privileged mode is enabled.

$ kubectl describe psp pks-privileged
Name:  pks-privileged

  Allow Privileged:        true

PostgreSQL Information

Concourse v5.5.8 was tested on PostgreSQL v11.3. For more information, see VMware Postgres.

Past versions of Concourse BOSH release shipped with their own internal PostgreSQL. As of Concourse v3.6.0, and with all future versions, the Concourse BOSH release no longer supplies an internal PostgreSQL.

Learn About Deploying Concourse with PostgresDB

Concourse v3.6.0 and later no longer manage an internal Postgres database with the BOSH release. An operator needs to instruct Concourse to connect to one of the following:

  • An externally-managed Postgres database.
  • A BOSH-managed Cloud Foundry Postgres release. For more information, see postgres/38 in the BOSH documentation.

You need to configure the postgresql properties of the ATC job for your database.

For a list of these properties, see postgresql in the BOSH documentation.

Additional Topics

Load Balancing Multiple ATCs

If you anticipate a heavy load on your Concourse installation, you may want to consider installing a Load Balancer with multiple ATCs.

For more information read the link that corresponds to your IaaS: