Concourse Guides

Concourse is an Open Source project with a community of contributors who have written guides for a variety of Concourse installation configurations and use cases. Here you will find a list of useful guides that are currently maintained by members of the Concourse community.

WARNING: These guides have been selected based on their popularity and success with Concourse and PCF users. While these guides are not supported by Pivotal Support Services, you can find additional resources and assistance listed in the Concourse Open Source community pages.

Topic Source Description
Concourse Tutorials Stark and Wayne A linear sequence of tutorials for learning how to use Concourse.
Concourse How-Tos and Samples PCF Services This respository contains code samples and recipes for common Concourse pipelines and deployment patterns
CredHub Integration with Concourse PCF Services This guide provides samples of deployment manifests and pipelines for the integration of a BOSH-deployed Concourse server with CredHub
Concourse Integration with Vault PCF Services Describes Vault configurations for integration with a BOSH-deployed Concourse server
Secure credential automation with Vault PCF Services Examples of using Vault for credentials management in Concourse pipelines
Concourse integration with PCF UAA PCF Services A guide on securing teams in Concourse using UAA as an identity provider
Concourse with an HTTP/HTTPS Proxy PCF Services A guide on configuring your Concourse deployment in an environment with an HTTP/HTTPS proxy
Pipelines in an offline environment PCF Services A guide on configuring pipelines in an environment with limited or isolated access to the Internet