Concourse for PCF v4.x

Preparing an Environment for Concourse

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You can find some more information on using the Concourse BOSH release in the Concourse BOSH Deployment repository. This page includes sample manifest files, references to prerequisite BOSH knowledge, IaaS-specific configurations, and more.

  1. Deploying Concourse with an External PostgresDB:
    Concourse v3.6.0 and later no longer manage an internal Postgres database with the BOSH release. An operator needs to instruct Concourse to connect to one of the following:
    • An externally-managed Postgres database.
    • A BOSH-managed Cloud Foundry Postgres release. For more information, see postgres/30 in the BOSH documentation.
    You need to configure the postgresql properties of the ATC job for your database. For a list of these properties, see postgresql in the BOSH documentation.
  2. Load Balancing Multiple ATCs
    If you anticipate a heavy load on your Concourse installation, you may want to consider installing a Load Balancer with multiple ATCs.
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