Concourse for PCF v4.x

Installing Concourse

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Concourse for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is a continuous integration and delivery tool that lets you build and monitor scalable pipelines seamlessly. This topic describes how to install Concourse and what you need to install it successfully.


Before you install Concourse for PCF, you must have the following:

  • A supported IaaS provider: AWS, Azure, GCP, or vSphere
  • A BOSH Director. For more information about the BOSH Director, see Deploying BOSH with create-env in the BOSH documentation.

    Warning: It is not recommended to use a BOSH Director associated with an existing PCF deployment. This is because Concourse for PCF can conflict with other tiles deploying on Ops Manager at the same time.

  • BOSH CLI v5.x and earlier. For more information, see Installing the CLI in the BOSH documentation.

  • Concourse and Garden Run-C BOSH releases. Download these from Pivotal Network.

  • The stemcell for your IaaS, for when you create your Concourse deployment manifest. To download an Ubuntu Xenial stemcell from Pivotal Network, see Stemcells for PCF (Ubuntu Xenial).

  • PostgreSQL v9.5 and later. Concourse can be configured to connect to an external PostgreSQL database or a BOSH-managed Cloud Foundry PostgreSQL release. For more information, see postgres/36) in the BOSH documentation.

    Note: As of Concourse v3.6.0, the Concourse BOSH release no longer supplies an internal PostgreSQL. You must provide your own PostgreSQL database as of v3.6.0.

Set Up and Install Concourse

To configure and deploy Concourse for PCF, do the following:

  1. Modify the cloud-config.yml file according to your IaaS environment. For information, see Usage in the BOSH documentation.
  2. Prepare the Concourse deployment manifest. You can write your own manifest or modify a template with your unique configuration. For an example of a manifest template, see the concourse.yml file in GitHub. For more information about Cluster Concourse deployment, see concourse-bosh-deployment in GitHub.
  3. Configure authentication in your deployment manifest by providing tls_cert and tls_key values. For instructions, see Authentication.
  4. Prepare the cloud-config.yml file and upload it to your BOSH Director with bosh update-cloud-config.
  5. Deploy Concourse with bosh deploy. For more information, see Deploying in the BOSH documentation. After Concourse deploys, a success message is displayed.
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