Concourse for PCF v3.x

Preparing an Environment for Concourse

You can find some more information on using the Concourse BOSH release in the Concourse BOSH Deployment repository. This page includes sample manifest files, references to prerequisite BOSH knowledge, IaaS-specific configurations, and more.

  1. Deploying Concourse with an External PostgresDB:
    The default configuration of Concourse will install and connect to an internally managed Postgres database. An operator may wish to instruct Concourse to connect to an externally managed Postgres database instead. The specific configuration changes that you will need to make can be made in the properties of the ATC job here.
  2. Load Balancing Multiple ATCs
    If you anticipate a heavy load on your Concourse installation, you may want to consider installing a Load Balancer with multiple ATCs.
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