gfsh Command Restrictions

Warning: Pivotal Cloud Cache v1.7 is no longer supported because it has reached the End of General Support (EOGS) phase as defined by the Support Lifecycle Policy. To stay up to date with the latest software and security updates, upgrade to a supported version.

Developers may invoke all gfsh commands. Given credentials with sufficient permissions, those gfsh command will be executed. However, not all gfsh commands are supported. An invocation of an unsupported command may lead to incorrect results. Those results range from ineffective results to inconsistent region entries. Do not use these listed gfsh commands; each has an explanation why it must not be used.

These gfsh start commands will bring up members contrary to the configured plan. Their configuration will be wrong, and their existence is likely to contribute to data loss. Since they are not part of the configured plan, any upgrade will not include them, and if they were to stop or crash, the BOSH Director will not restart them.

  • gfsh start locator
  • gfsh start server

These cluster stop commands will temporarily stop the member or cluster. However, the BOSH Director will notice that members are not running and restart them. So, these commands will be ineffective:

  • gfsh stop locator
  • gfsh stop server
  • gfsh shutdown

These Lucene-related commands are not supported:

  • gfsh create lucene index
  • gfsh describe lucene index
  • gfsh destroy lucene index
  • gfsh list lucene indexes
  • gfsh search lucene

These JNDI binding-related commands are not supported:

  • gfsh create jndi-binding
  • gfsh describe jndi-binding
  • gfsh destroy jndi-binding
  • gfsh list jndi-binding

This configure command will instill configuration contrary to the already-configured plan. Since it is not part of the configured plan, any upgrade will not include it. Therefore, do not use:

  • gfsh configure pdx

The create of a gateway receiver will never be appropriate for any situation. The PCC cluster will already have gateway receivers, and there is no situation in which the cluster can benefit from creating more. Therefore, do not use:

  • gfsh create gateway receiver

Do Not Export from a GemFire Cluster to a PCC Cluster

While the expectation is that configuration and data can be exported from a GemFire cluster and then imported into a PCC cluster, this does not work. Using export and import commands will not have the desired effect of migration from one cluster to another. The import of cluster configuration requires a state that cannot be provided by a PCC cluster. The PCC cluster will already have its configuration, and upon restart or upgrade, that same configuration will be used. Given that the configuration cannot be imported, data import is problematic. Therefore, do not use:

  • gfsh import cluster-configuration
  • gfsh import data