Pivotal Cloud Cache for PCF v1.3

Pivotal Cloud Cache Release Notes

v1.3.2 (Limited availability)

Release Date: March 21, 2018

Features included in this release:

  • This limited-availability patch release is running Pivotal GemFire v9.2.0. Inline caching is not supported, and no JAR files may be deployed to servers.
  • This limited-availability patch release exists only to support an upgrade from PCC v1.3.0 to this v1.3.2 version.


Release Date: March 5, 2018

Features included in this release:

  • PCC is now running Pivotal GemFire v9.3.0
  • Inline caching is supported, which permits both write behind and write through designs for interaction with a backend data store.

Bug fixes:

  • Eliminated a deadlock situation that occurred when recovering all locators, due to the use of gfsh configure pdx.


Release Date: January 31, 2018

Features included in this release:

  • Support for WAN, asynchronously replicating data across Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) deployments
  • Secure GemFire processes using BOSH Process Manager (BPM)
  • Support for region persistence
  • A single node cluster Dev Plan
  • IPsec supported
  • Support for viewing serialized objects in gfsh using query
  • PCC is now running GemFire v9.2.0
  • Cluster users are now appended with a unique identifer and are assigned roles

Bug fixes:

  • For slow IaaSes, where the server takes a long time to start up, the cluster fails to start.
  • Fixed issue where two different tiles could be installed with the same resource name, preventing creation of service instances.

Known Issues

  • If you are upgrading to Pivotal Cloud Cache (PCC) v1.3.0 and you created service keys on PCC before you installed v1.3.0: delete and recreate the service keys so that users are assigned roles in the cluster. Then, rebind all your apps. For information about how to perform these tasks, see Delete a Service Key, Create Service Keys, and Bind an App to a Service Instance.

  • Current versions of the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (CLI) tool have a known bug that omits the documentation URL when using the cf service command.

Release Notes for Earlier Versions

For v1.2.x versions of PCC, see Release Notes in the v1.2 version of this documentation.

For v1.1.x versions of PCC, see Release Notes in the v1.1 version of this documentation.

For v1.0.x versions of PCC, see Release Notes in the v1.0 version of this documentation.

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