Spring Session Caching

To use Spring Session for Apache Geode for session state caching for apps with GemFire, follow these steps:

  1. Make the following changes to the app:

    • Replace the existing Spring Session @EnableXXXHttpSession annotation with @EnableGemFireHttpSession(maxInactiveIntervalInSeconds = N) where N is in units of seconds.
    • Add the spring-session-data-geode and spring-data-geode dependencies to the build.
    • Add beans to the Spring app configuration.
  2. Use gfsh to create a region on the cluster servers named ClusteredSpringSessions, when connected with a security role that can manage cluster data:

  gfsh>create region --name=ClusteredSpringSessions --type=PARTITION_HEAP_LRU

Do not enable Tomcat session state caching as described in Enable Session State Caching. Mixing Tomcat session state caching with Spring Session caching is problematic.

The Session State Code Example demonstrates session state caching.

Find reference documentation at Spring Session.