About VMware Tanzu™ GemFire® for VMs

VMware Tanzu GemFire for VMs is a high-performance, high-availability caching layer for VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS for VMs). Tanzu GemFire offers an in-memory key-value store. It delivers low-latency responses to a large number of concurrent data-access requests.

Tanzu GemFire provides a service broker to create in-memory data clusters on demand. These clusters are dedicated to the TAS for VMs space and tuned for specific use cases defined by your service plan. Service operators can create multiple plans to support different use cases.

VMware Tanzu GemFire for VMs uses VMware Tanzu GemFire v9.9.5. The VMware Tanzu GemFire API Documentation details the API for client access to data objects within VMware Tanzu GemFire. Tanzu GemFire supports writing JavaScript apps with the VMware Tanzu GemFire Node.js® Client.

This documentation performs the following functions:

  • Describes the features and architecture of Tanzu GemFire
  • Provides the VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs operator with instructions for installing, configuring, and maintaining Tanzu GemFire
  • Provides app developers instructions for choosing a service plan and creating and deleting Tanzu GemFire service instances
  • Provides app developers instructions for binding apps

Quick App Development

A quick way to try out Tanzu GemFire is by using Pivotal Web Services (PWS) to spin up a Tanzu GemFire service instance from the PWS marketplace. Tanzu GemFire on PWS is intended for use in proof of concept designs only. It is not for production workloads. There are no high availability guarantees (or any other guarantees) provided for Tanzu GemFire service instances on PWS.

The Tanzu GemFire Developer Guide features environment setup details and examples to help developers get started with Tanzu GemFire.