View Available Plans

Run cf marketplace to view the installed Cloud Cache tile version and its associated Pivotal GemFire version. For example:

$ cf marketplace
Getting services from marketplace in org system / space system as admin...

service       plans           description                                                broker
p-cloudcache  small-footprint Pivotal Cloud Cache(PCC v1.9.1-build.12, GemFire v9.8.4)   cloudcache-broker

Run cf marketplace -s p-cloudcache to view all plans available for Cloud Cache. The plan names displayed are configured by the operator on tile installation.

$ cf marketplace -s p-cloudcache

Getting service plan information for service p-cloudcache as admin...

service plan   description      free or paid
extra-small    Caching Plan 1   free
small          Caching Plan 2   free
medium         Caching Plan 3   free
large          Caching Plan 4   free
extra-large    Caching Plan 5   free