Deploying BOSH Add-Ons

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This documentation explains how to deploy optional BOSH Add-ons as a part of installing the Pivotal Platform platform.


BOSH Add-ons are optional platform extensions that you deploy with BOSH rather than installing them as Pivotal Operations Manager tiles.

Pivotal recommends installing BOSH Add-ons immediately after deploying BOSH and Ops Manager, before you use Ops Manager to add tiles to the platform.

BOSH Add-ons from Pivotal include IPsec, ClamAV, and File Integrity Monitoring, which enhance Pivotal Platform platform security and security logging.

Open-source BOSH Add-ons include a syslog forwarder, a custom SSH login banner, and a tool for adding SSH users.

See Deploying Software with BOSH for an overview of the BOSH deployment process.