Recommended GCP Quotas

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Default quotas on a new GCP subscription do not have enough quota for a typical production-level Pivotal Platform deployment.

The following table lists recommended resource quotas for a single Pivotal Platform deployment.

Metric Resource Suggested Minimum Quota
CPUs Regional 150*
Firewall rules Global 15
Forwarding rules Global 15
Backend services Global 5
Health checks Global 5
Images Global 10
Static IP addresses** Regional 5
In-use IP addresses Global 5
In-use IP addresses** Regional 5
Networks Global 5
Subnetworks Global 5
Routes Global 20
Target pools Global 5
Target HTTP proxies Global 5
Target HTTPS proxies Global 5
Persistent Disk Standard (GB) Regional 15,000

* Assuming a deployment with 100 app instances.
** Assuming a SNAT topology.

To view production-level deployment options for Pivotal Platform on GCP, see GCP Reference Architecture.

For instructions about setting up the GCP resources required to deploy Pivotal Platform, see Preparing to Deploy Ops Manager on GCP.