Importing and Managing Stemcells

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This topic explains how to use the Stemcell Library in VMware Tanzu Operations Manager to import and stage stemcells to products.


The Stemcell Library imports and stages stemcells to products.

For more conceptual information about floating stemcells and stemcell upgrades, see Floating Stemcells.

Warning: Some product releases require Xenial stemcells, as listed in Tiles Using Xenial Stemcells in Ops Manager. If you are importing and using Xenial stemcells for the first time, see Updates for Xenial Stemcell Support.

Import and Stage a Stemcell

To import and stage a stemcell:

  1. Download the appropriate .tgz stemcell file from VMware Tanzu Network.

    Note: Ops Manager does not support heavy or full stemcells for the AWS and GCP IaaSes. For these IaaSes, you must use a light stemcell. For more information about light stemcells, see Light Stemcells in the BOSH documentation.

  2. Click Import Stemcell to permanently import a stemcell into Ops Manager.

  3. A pop-up appears for you to select which products to stage with the imported stemcell. Select the checkboxes of the products you want to stage. A pop-up that appears after importing a stemcell. At the top of the pop-up is the header 'Import Stemcell' in gray letters. Under the header is the text "Select the products you want to stage with light-bosh-stemcell-3541.5-google-kvm-ubuntu-trusty". Below is a row containing a selected checkbox with the text "Product" in bold letters to the right of the checkbox. Below this row is another row containing another selected checkbox and the text "Ops Manager: Example Product v2.1-committed.20180209.125552-stemcell.3541.4". In the bottom-right corner of the pop-up are two buttons: one labeled "Dismiss" in gray letters, and one blue, rectangular button labeled "Apply Stemcell to Products" in white letters.

    1. Click Apply Stemcell to Products.
    2. Click Dismiss to close the Import Stemcell pop-up.

Choose a Stemcell Version

If you have uploaded multiple versions of a stemcell, you can use the dropdown in the Staged column to choose which version to use.

You can choose a different version until you deploy. After deployment, older stemcell versions are no longer available. If you want to use a stemcell that you uploaded before upgrading, you must re-upload it after upgrading Ops Manager.

The dropdown for a stemcell is displayed in the Staged column. Three versions are available.

If the stemcell displays with a green checkmark and the words Latest stemcell below the Staged dropdown, the stemcell is the latest available version on your host. An outdated stemcell displays Stemcell out-of-date.

Beneath the **Staged** version dropdown, a green checkmark next to the words **Latest stemcell** appears. The stemcell in this image is the latest available version.