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PCF Compliance

All implied requirements are satisfied through a combination of PCF product features, and a deployer-provided version control system. Configuration management of the PCF deployment is provided through BOSH and Ops Manager. An operator may obtain a complete description of the PCF foundation by downloading a copy of the deployment manifests from the BOSH Director. It is a deployer responsibility maintain the associated configuration management policy and procedures documentation. Selection and use of a suitable version control system such as Git to maintain version control of deployment artifacts is a deployer responsibility.

Control Description

The organization develops, documents, and maintains under configuration control, a current baseline configuration of the information system.

Supplemental Guidance

This control establishes baseline configurations for information systems and system components including communications and connectivity-related aspects of systems. Baseline configurations are documented, formally reviewed and agreed-upon sets of specifications for information systems or configuration items within those systems. Baseline configurations serve as a basis for future builds, releases, and/or changes to information systems. Baseline configurations include information about information system components (e.g., standard software packages installed on workstations, notebook computers, servers, network components, or mobile devices; current version numbers and patch information on operating systems and applications; and configuration settings/parameters), network topology, and the logical placement of those components within the system architecture. Maintaining baseline configurations requires creating new baselines as organizational information systems change over time. Baseline configurations of information systems reflect the current enterprise architecture.