JMX Bridge v1.9

Using JMX Bridge

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JMX Bridge is a Java Management Extensions (JMX) tool for Pivotal Application Service. To help you monitor your installation and assist in troubleshooting, JMX Bridge collects and exposes system data from Pivotal Cloud Foundry components via a JMX endpoint. JMX Bridge consumes platform metric data from the Firehose via the firehose-jmx-nozzle and system health metrics directly from BOSH.

Guidance on Key Metrics of Monitoring Interest

JMX Bridge reports all platform metric data being transmitted from PCF via BOSH and the Firehose. Not all platform metrics are of equal interest when monitoring PCF. Reference Monitoring Pivotal Cloud Foundry for recommendations of key indicators.

Example - Virtual Machine Metrics

JMX Bridge reports data for each virtual machine (VM) in a deployment. Use these types of metrics to monitor the health of your Virtual Machines.

The following table shows the name of the Virtual Machine metric, what the metric represents, and the metric type (data type).

system.cpu.sysAmount of CPU spent in system processesGauge (Float)
system.cpu.userAmount of CPU spent in user processesGauge (Float)
system.cpu.waitAmount of CPU spent in waiting processesGauge (Float)
system.disk.ephemeral.percentPercentage of ephemeral disk used on the VMGauge (Float, 0-100)
system.disk.ephemeral.inode.percentPercentage of inodes consumed by the ephemeral diskGauge (Float, 0-100)
system.disk.persistent.percentPercentage of persistent disk used on the VMGauge (Float, 0-100)
system.disk.persistent.inode.percentThe percentage of inodes consumed by the persistent diskGauge (Float, 0-100)
system.disk.system.percentPercentage of system disk used on the VMGauge (Float, 0-100)
system.healthyIndicates whether a VM system is healthy. `1` means the system is healthy, and `0` means the system is not healthyGauge (Float, 0-1)
system.load.1mAmount of load the system is under, averaged over one minuteGauge (Float)
system.mem.percentPercentage of memory used on the VMGauge (Float)
system.swap.kbAmount of swap used on the VM in KBGauge (Float)
system.swap.percentPercentage of swap used on the VMGauge (Float, 0-100)
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