Upgrading Pivotal Ingress Router

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Pivotal Ingress Router is currently in beta. For questions or to report any issues, please reach out to your primary Pivotal contact.

Prepare to upgrade

Delete CRD init jobs

The upgrade will fail when it installs the istio init CRD jobs if they are not first deleted from the previous installation. See this known issue for more details.

  1. Target the platform-services cluster and delete the jobs istio-init-crd-10 and istio-init-crd-11:

    kubectl --namespace ingress-router-system delete job istio-init-crd-10
    kubectl --namespace ingress-router-system delete job istio-init-crd-11

Scale up gateway for uptime during upgrade

To ensure uptime during the upgrade, you must have multiple instances of the ingress gateway running across multiple worker nodes in the cluster. For more information about availability during upgrades, see high availability.

  1. Verify that your cluster has multiple nodes or update the cluster by reconfiguring your PKS tile as shown here.

  2. Update the number of IngressGateway instances:

    kubectl -n ingress-router-system edit horizontalpodautoscalers istio-ingressgateway
  3. Update the number of spec.minReplicas to the number of worker nodes on the system cluster.

Locate user provided values

When installing the new version, you will need many of the user provided values from your previous installation.

If you are unable to locate your saved user-provided-values.yaml file, follow these instructions to retrieve the values needed to recreate the file.

Use these values to populate the config file for the new version in the installation steps.

Install new version

After preparing to upgrade, follow the steps to install Pivotal Ingress Router

The installation documentation references ingress-router-system as the namespace. If you are using the psm-system namespace or some other namespace you should continue using that namespace.