Uninstalling GemFire for Pivotal Cloud Foundry


Before you delete your GemFire for Pivotal Cloud Foundry tile, please ensure all GemFire service instances have been deleted. If you fail to delete all GemFire service instances before deleting the tile, it may cause issues if you ever wish to re-install the GemFire tile.

To check if there are any GemFire service instances present in your Pivotal Cloud Foundry deployment, you can run the simple shell script shown below:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

for org in $(cf orgs | awk 'NR>3') ; do
  cf target -o ${org} > /dev/null
  for space in $(cf spaces | awk 'NR>3') ; do
    cf target -s ${space} > /dev/null
    cf services | grep p-gemfire


See the following instructions for uninstalling Pivotal Cloud Foundry tiles.

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