Release Notes

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Release Date: July 20, 2021

Fixed kp issues: - Fix bug that prevented kp import from reading the descriptor from stdin. - Fix bug that incorrectly uploaded unrecognized jars with --local-path - Fix possible nil pointer dereference on kp image status

New Stacks Operator release with patched base stack images

Product Snapshot

Tanzu Build Service 1.2.2 ships with the following components:


Release Date: June 17, 2021

  • Relaxed Image name validation to fix an issue that could prevent TBS from building existing images.

Product Snapshot

Tanzu Build Service 1.2.1 ships with the following components:


Release Date: June 11, 2021

1.2.0 represents the third minor GA release of Tanzu Build Service.

This release includes a few notable new features:

  • TanzuNet DependencyUpdater which will allow your Tanzu Build Service Cluster to automatically update its dependencies when new dependency descriptors are published to TanzuNet
  • Add support Azure Devops and TFS git repos
  • Installation utilizes the imgpkg bundle and imgpkg cli
  • Support for project.toml descriptor

Bug Fixes

  • TBS will run windows build pods on a cluster installed with a CA cert
  • Notary will sign images when configured with git secrets
  • Increased Memory limits to prevent OOM errors

Breaking Changes

  • Installation has changed, see installation docs for new process using imgpkg
  • kp cli will default branches to main instead of master

Product Snapshot

Tanzu Build Service 1.2.0 ships with the following components:

Tanzu Build Service supports and utilizes Tanzu Buildpacks.

Product Dependencies

Build Service can be installed on any Kubernetes cluster (v1.18 or later).

Upgrade Path

v1.1.* can be upgraded to v1.2.*. Please follow the install process to upgrade.