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Release Date: June, 26, 2020

0.2.0 represents a Beta release of the Tanzu Build Service.

The pb cli has been deprecated in favor of the kp cli for interacting with Tanzu Build Service. The kp cli will be shipped with Tanzu Build Service in place of pb. For more details see Using Tanzu Build Service.

Notable improvements in the kp cli:

  • The kp cli is more interoperable with kubectl.
    • kp output is formatted to look consistent with kubectl output.
    • Unlike pb, kp does not utilize a alternative YAML format used to apply kpack resources. Instead, kp provides imperative commands to interact with Tanzu Build Service.
    • pb required users to provide image tags when managing images, kp uses image resource names for easier control.
    • All kp commands are configurable to work on a kubernetes namespace with a --namespace flag.
  • The ability to update images with kp patch. This can be naturally used in a CI/CD context.
  • The --wait flag for kp image create and kp image patch which will tail build logs and wait for corresponding builds to complete.
  • The ability to manage multiple stores and stacks.
  • Improved output for kp store status to view available buildpacks.

Tanzu Build Service 0.2.0 now ships with four stacks. Output from kp stack list:

NAME                READY    ID
base                True     io.buildpacks.stacks.bionic
default             True     org.cloudfoundry.stacks.cflinuxfs3
full                True     org.cloudfoundry.stacks.cflinuxfs3
tiny                True     io.paketo.stacks.tiny

The stacks are used in Custom Cluster Builders. The default stack is installed and will be used when a stack is not selected for a builder, but the stack image is the same as the full stack.

For more details on stacks, see Managing Stacks.

Same with the new stacks, Tanzu Build Service 0.2.0 now ships with four Custom Cluster Builders. Output from kp custom-cluster-builder list:

NAME                  READY    STACK                                   IMAGE
base                  true     io.buildpacks.stacks.bionic   
default               true     org.cloudfoundry.stacks.cflinuxfs3
full                  true     org.cloudfoundry.stacks.cflinuxfs3
tiny                  true     io.paketo.stacks.tiny         

Builders are used when creating images and can apply to different app use cases. The default Custom Cluster Builder is used when a builder is not selected for an image but is installed with the same buildpacks and stack as the full builder.

For more details on builders, see Managing Builders.

Buildpack IDs have changed: All of the previous org.cloudfoundry.* ids are now paketo-buildpacks/* ids. All of the previous io.pivotal.* ids are now tanzu-buildpacks/* ids.

Other improvements:

  • Projects are now completely optional. Build Service Cluster Builder secrets will be provided to any namespace that creates a Build Service image.
  • Images can configure Cloud Native Buildpack Service Bindings.

Product Snapshot

Tanzu Build Service 0.2.0 ships with the following components:

Tanzu Build Service 0.2.0 ships with the following buildpacks:

  • Tanzu Java tanzu-buildpacks/java
  • Paketo NodeJS paketo-buildpacks/nodejs
  • Paketo .NET Core paketo-buildpacks/dotnet-core
  • Paketo Golang paketo-buildpacks/go
  • Paketo PHP paketo-buildpacks/php
  • Paketo HTTPD paketo-buildpacks/httpd
  • Paketo NGINX paketo-buildpacks/nginx
  • Paketo Procfile paketo-buildpacks/procfile

Tanzu Build Service 0.2.0 ships with the following stacks:

  • base io.buildpacks.stacks.bionic
  • full/default org.cloudfoundry.stacks.cflinuxfs3
  • tiny io.paketo.stacks.tiny

Updates to the buildpacks and stacks are provided in the VMware Tanzu Build Service Dependencies.

Product Dependencies

Build Service can be installed on any Kubernetes cluster (v1.15 or later).

Breaking Changes

  • Tanzu Build Service now requires Kubernetes api v1.15 or later
  • pb cli is deprecated, kp cli should be used
  • All buildpack ids were updated to Paketo or Tanzu Buildpack ids
  • Projects resource api group changed from to

Known Issues

Upgrade Path

No supported upgrade paths.