Release Notes

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Release Date: April 6, 2020

0.1.0 represents the Beta release of the Tanzu Build Service. This new version carries with it significant changes and improvements in multiple areas.

Most notably, we have introduced three new resources: the store, the stack, and custom builder. Users will utilize these new resources in order to achieve fine-grained control over the dependencies that a given deployment of TBS is using to build apps. Please access our documentation for more information about these new resources.

Additionally, we decoupled TBS from several dependencies. By doing so, we expect that it will be signficantly easier to deploy the product. Specifically, we removed the gateway sitting between the pb CLI and the user’s K8s cluster and removed the requirement to configure an ingress controller, thereby making the install experience less complicated. We also removed the dependency on PKS UAA as an OIDC provider and instead rely on the credentials in the user’s kubeconfig for authentication. This change makes TBS deployable on any K8s distribution.

We also made several improvements in other areas based on our roadmap and feedback from the Alpha release:

  • pb cli utilizes local kubeconfig credentials
  • Introduced a measure of RBAC via an Admin user type
  • Features that allow users to check the “status” of their image and builder to help with troubleshooting
  • Support for specifying a local zip file (such as a JAR) when running pb image apply
  • Improved management of projects
    • Add a prevously defined LDAP group to a project
    • List members and groups
    • List projects users is a member of
  • Support for specifying SSH credentials when creating a git secret in order for TBS to access a source code repository

Product Snapshot

Tanzu Build Service 0.1.0 ships with the following components:

Tanzu Build Service 0.1.0 installs the following Buildpacks:

Note: In order to docker pull an image from the TanzuNet Registry, the user must authenticate themselves using docker login and their TanzuNet credentials.

  • Tanzu Java
    • docker pull
  • Tanzu NodeJS io.pivotal.nodejs
    • docker pull
  • .NET Core org.cloudfoundry.dotnet-core
    • docker pull
  • Python org.cloudfoundry.python
    • docker pull
  • Golang org.cloudfoundry.go
    • docker pull
  • PHP org.cloudfoundry.php
    • docker pull
  • HTTPD org.cloudfoundry.httpd
    • docker pull
  • NGINX org.cloudfoundry.nginx
    • docker pull

Tanzu Build Service 0.1.0 ships with the following stacks:

  • cflinuxfs3 org.cloudfoundry.stacks.cflinuxfs3
    • docker pull
    • docker pull

Product Dependencies

Build Service can be installed on any Kubernetes cluster (v1.14 or later).

Breaking Changes

  • pb login & pb api functionality was removed in order to leverage the local kubeconfig.
  • Dockerhub secrets must now be configured with the exact registry: “”.
  • duffle install configuration has been updated to remove the build service “gateway”.
  • “kpack only” installation option has been removed.

Known Issues

pb secrets delete git & pb secrets delete registry will fail with a lack of permissions. A workaround is available through kubectl.

Upgrade Path

No supported upgrade paths.