Managing the Stack

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The Stack provides the build and run images for the Cloud Native Buildpack stack that will be used in a builder.

Build Service ships with the org.cloudfoundry.stacks.cflinuxfs3 stack. Updates to this stack are provided on the Tanzu Network Build Service Dependency page.

Note: Only Build Service Admins can perform stack commands.

Updating the Stack

Users can update the stack using build and run images from a Docker registry or the local machine:

  • If using a Docker registry:

    pb stack update -b <build image> -r <run-image>

Note: The user must have read access to the source Docker registry and write access to build service registry on the local machine.

  • If using local stack images created with docker save:

    pb stack update -b <path to build-image>.tar -r <path to run-image> --local

Note: Currently, Build Service only supports the cflinuxfs3 build and run images.

Retrieving the Stack Status

Users can get the current status of the stack:

pb stack status

The following is an example of the output for this command:

Stack ID:    org.cloudfoundry.stacks.cflinuxfs3
Run Image:   cloudfoundry/run:full-cnb
Build Image: cloudfoundry/build:full-cnb

Corresponding kpack Resource

All Build Service builders utilize a cluster scoped Stack Resource with the name build-service-stack.