Configuring SSL Termination for Ops Manager on vSphere

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To use SSL termination in Ops Manager, you must configure your own load balancer.

Use Your Own Load Balancer

Production environments should use a highly-available customer-provided load balancing solution that:

  • Provides SSL termination with wildcard DNS location
  • Provides load balancing to each of the TAS for VMs Gorouter IPs
  • Adds appropriate x-forwarded-for and x-forwarded-proto HTTP headers

To use your own load balancer:

  1. Register one or more static IP address for Ops Manager with your load balancer.

  2. Create an A record in your DNS that points to your load balancer IP address. The A record associates the System domain and Apps domain that you configure in the Domains pane of the TAS for VMs tile with the IP address of your load balancer.

    For example, with as the main subdomain for your Ops Manager installation and a load balancer IP address, you must create an A record in your DNS that serves and points *. to

    Name Type Data Domain
    *. A
  3. Navigate to the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard.

  4. Click the TAS for VMs tile.

  5. Select Networking.

  6. In the Gorouter IPs field, enter the static IP address for Ops Manager that you have registered with your load balancer.

  7. Provide your SSL certificate in the Certificates and private keys for the Gorouter fields. For more information, see Providing a Certificate for Your TLS Termination Point.

Note: When adding or removing TAS for VMs Gorouters, you must update your load balancing solution configuration with the appropriate IP addresses.