PAS for Windows

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Pivotal Application Service for Windows (PASW) enables operators to provision, operate, and manage Windows stemcells on Pivotal Platform.

After operators install the PASW tile on the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard, developers can push .NET apps to Windows Diego Cells using the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI).

For the PASW release notes, see Pivotal Application Service for Windows v2.7 Release Notes.


To install the PASW tile, you must have:

  • Ops Manager v2.7 and Pivotal Application Service v2.7 deployed to vSphere, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Azure.

  • A Windows stemcell. For information about obtaining or creating a Windows stemcell, see Downloading or Creating Windows Stemcells.

The minimum resource requirements for each Windows Diego Cell are:

  • Disk size: 64 GB (100 GB recommended)

  • Memory: 16 GB

  • CPUs: 4


About PASW

Installation Guide

Admin Guide

Developer Guide


The following limitations affect Windows containers in PASW:

Windows Server Container Limitations

We use Windows Server Core Containers in PASW. The following are known Windows Server Container limitations:

  • Windows Server Core containers support the host VM’s timezone only. In PASW, the host and container time-zone is always UTC.
  • Windows Server 2019 Core images support only Lucida Console font. No other fonts are supported, and no others can be installed.

PASW Limitations

PASW has the following limitations:

  • PASW can be installed in an environment with the NSX Container Plugin (NCP), but NCP cannot be used with Windows containers in PASW. For more information about NCP, see What’s New in the VMware documentation.

  • Developers cannot push Docker or other OCI-compatible images to Windows Diego Cells.

  • Container-to-container networking is not available for Windows-hosted apps.

  • OpenStack is currently not supported for PASW. Contact your Pivotal representative for information about OpenStack deployments.

  • SMB is supported, but Volume Services is not supported.

  • Due to Known Issue #244 in Windows Server OS, apps hosted on PASW cannot route traffic when deployed with the IPsec add-on for Pivotal Platform. For more information, see Traffic to containers via NAT stops working when using IPSec to encrypt network connections on GitHub.