Isolation Segment v2.11 Release Notes

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This topic contains release notes for Isolation Segment v2.11.



Release Date: March 30, 2021

Component Version
ubuntu-xenial stemcell621.113

About Isolation Segment

The Isolation Segment v2.11 tile is available for installation with Ops Manager v2.10.

Isolation segments provide dedicated pools of resources where you can deploy apps and isolate workloads. Using isolation segments separates app resources as completely as if they were in different deployments but avoids redundant management and network complexity. For more information about isolation segments, see Isolation Segments in TAS for VMs Security.

For more information about using isolation segments in your deployment, see Managing Isolation Segments.

How to Install

The Isolation Segment v2.11 tile is available with the release of Ops Manager v2.10. For more information, see the Ops Manager documentation.

To use the Isolation Segment v2.11 tile, you must install Ops Manager v2.10 and VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS for VMs) v2.11 or later.

To install Isolation Segment v2.11, see Installing Isolation Segment.

New Features in Isolation Segment v2.11

Isolation Segment v2.11 includes the following major features:

Configure Trusted CAs for Gorouter

When validating requests using mutual TLS to back ends and route services, the Gorouter trusts multiple certificate authorities (CAs) by default. In Isolation Segment v2.11, you can configure which CA certificates the Gorouter trusts.

For more information, see Configure Networking in Installing Isolation Segment.

Breaking Changes

Gorouter Update to Golang v1.15 Introduces Stricter Transfer-Encoding Header Standards in Isolation Segment v2.11.0 and Later

In Isolation Segment v2.11.0 and later, stricter header standards break Spring apps that incorrectly set the header.

For information about how to avoid this breaking change, see Applications on TAS for VMs get 502 chunked response error in the Knowledge Base. You must complete the resolution steps described in this Knowledge Base article before you upgrade to Isolation Segment v2.11.0 or later.

Note: This breaking change was also present in Isolation Segment v2.7.30, v2.8.24, v2.9.18, and v2.10.10. If you are on any of these versions or earlier, you must upgrade to Isolation Segment v2.7.31, v2.8.25, v2.9.19, or v2.10.11 before upgrading or jump upgrading to Isolation Segment 2.11.0 or later. For more information, see Applications on TAS for VMs get 502 chunked response error.

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release of Isolation Segment.