New Relic

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New Relic collects analytics about application and client-side performance.


You can configure New Relic for the PHP buildpack in one of two ways:

  • With a license key
  • With a Cloud Foundry service

With a License Key

Use this method if you already have a New Relic account,

  1. In a web browser. navigate to the New Relic website to find your license key.

  2. Set the value of the environment variable NEWRELIC_LICENSE to your New Relic license key, either through the manifest.yml file or by running the cf set-env command.

For more information, see

With a Cloud Foundry Service

To configure New Relic for the PHP buildpack with a Cloud Foundry service, bind a New Relic service to the app. The buildpack automatically detects and configures New Relic.

Your VCAP_SERVICES environment variable must contain a service named newrelic, the newrelic service must contain a key named credentials, and the credentials key must contain named licenseKey.

NOTE: You cannot configure New Relic for the PHP buildpack with user-provided services.