Create & Release Builds

Note: Users can now use APIs for build automation (curl command to create a build, upload a file, release a build, etc.). Please reference this link for more information.

Create a project and add users to the project team

  1. Click New Project. (i.e. setting up a new App project page from which the release will be sent)
  2. Add Project Name, Client Name, Platform, Description, and project mailing list.
  3. Add Pivotal Tracker and Token (if Tracker has been installed).
  4. Add Users to the project and assign a role as described below:
  • Administrator - Can add users to a project, create releases
  • Member - Can create builds to send to QA and clients. Can also receive QA builds
  • Viewer - Can only view releases that have been approved by QA and released to the project team

Create & Release a build to QA

  1. Click add phase and enter a phase name.
  2. Click new build link.
  3. Select the phase name from the drop down menu.
  4. Click browse files to upload the appropriate mobile app binary file.
  5. If testing a mobile web app, enter the URL and a label name (i.e url shortcut).
  6. Click add to upload any additional files or urls (for testing, documentation, etc.).
  7. In the QA Release Notes section, enter values for the required fields (indicated by ’*’).
  8. Click Save at bottom right.
  9. Click Submit for Testing.
  10. Include project team members who will receive the build (sent via email).
  11. Click Release.
  12. Verify that the ‘Pass’ and 'Fail’ buttons are displayed.

Install App as a QA tester

  1. Access the build release email from the appropriate mobile device (note that installing over the air is available only for iOS and Android devices).
  2. In the build release email message, click Install Build. This opens the Safari browser and displays the login page for the app distribution instance.
  3. Upon successful login, the build page displays.
  4. Click Install next to the appropriate build file.
  5. The build file should then successfully download to the mobile device.
  6. Once the build has passed testing, click Pass.
  7. Verify that the 'Share Release’ button is displayed.

Release build to project team

  1. Add App files.
  2. Add Release notes.
  3. Click Share Release.
  4. The project mailing list is selected by default. Select any additional team members if needed.
  5. Click Release.
  6. Selected project team members and anyone on the mailing list will receive the release email.
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