Upgrading File Integrity Monitoring

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This topic describes how to upgrade Pivotal File Integrity Monitoring (FIM).

For product versions and upgrade paths, see Upgrade Planner.


To ensure that you have the required component versions, see the Product Snapshot.

Replace FIM v1.x with v2.x

To uninstall FIM v1.x and install v2.x in its place:

  1. SSH into the Ops Manager VM. For how to do this, see SSH into Ops Manager.

  2. Delete the existing runtime configs by running:

    bosh -e BOSH-ENVIRONMENT delete-config --type=runtime --name=fim
    bosh -e BOSH-ENVIRONMENT delete-config --type=runtime --name=fim-windows
  3. Install the 2.x tile. For installation instructions, see Installing File Integrity Monitoring.