Release Notes for Compliance Scanner

Note: Pivotal Platform is now part of VMware Tanzu. In v1.2 and later, Pivotal Compliance Scanner is named Compliance Scanner for VMware Tanzu.

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These are release notes for Compliance Scanner for VMware Tanzu.

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Release Date: May 11, 2020


New features and changes in this release:

  • CPU limit for Compliance Scanner is now configured independently of the Enforce CPU limit field: When you upgrade to v1.2.32 from v1.1.19 or later, the value of CPU limit is reset to the installation default of 50%.
    For instructions on setting the CPU limit, see Configure Scans.

  • You can now configure an Amazon S3 bucket for scan results if you have the instance profile name of the S3 bucket: You no longer need to know the access key ID and the secret access key for the S3 bucket.
    For information, see Configure to Upload to an S3 Bucket.

  • Adds support for S3 using AWS instance profiles to authenticate.
    For more information, see Using AWS Instance Profile.

  • Changes the communication protocol between the Scanner Web and the Scanner Daemon from Unix socket to TCP with mTLS.
  • Speeds up targeted benchmark runs.
  • Updates bundled OpenSCAP to v1.3.2
  • Updates STIG benchmark:

    • Adds audit rules: SV-90369r2_rule, SV-90387r3_rule, SV-90437r3_rule, SV-90445r3_rule, SV-90465r3_rule, SV-95681r1_rule, SV-90459r3_rule
    • Adds NIST Control Map to the STIG benchmark
  • Updates CIS benchmark:

    • Removes exceptions for audit rules: 4.1.6, 4.1.7
    • Fixes CIS Level 1 rules:
      • 1.1.17, 1.1.18, 1.1.19 - Remove the verification for cd roms
      • 2.2.7-2 - Use dpkg instead of systemctl
      • - Remove duplicate log entries and remove unneeded log files for rsyslog configuration
      • 4.3 - Ignore /var/log/cloud-init.log to be log rotated
      • 5.2.11 - Remove SSH MAC Exception
    • Fixes CIS Level 2 rule:
      • 4.1.10 - Fix failing test due to stemcell changes

Resolved Issues

This release has the following fixes:

  • Fixes permission issue causing Scheduled Scan to not work: Process is now run as VCAP.
  • Fixes cgroups issue: A single core is now used when scanning.

Known Issues

There are no known issues for this release.


Release Date: October 28, 2019


New features and changes in this release:

  • You can now use an Azure Blob Storage Container to store scan results. For information, see (Optional) Configure External Store Upload.

  • Adds the ability to schedule scans. This allows the User to schedule a time and day of the week to run their scan. For more information, see Configure Scheduled Scan.

  • Benchmarks used with Compliance Scanner have been updated:

    • The CIS Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS – Level 1 benchmark replaces the Recommended Security Baseline benchmark.
    • The CIS Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS – Level 2 benchmark replaces the Strict Security Practices benchmark.
      For information about these new benchmarks, see Benchmarks for Compliance Scanner for VMware Tanzu.
  • Adds a Custom SSH Banner field. Use this to provide the text expected when verifying the login SSH Banner on VMs during a scan. For more information, see Configure System Variables.

  • Updates golang dependency to v1.13.1

Known Issues

This release has the following issues:

  • Schedule Scan: Permission issue causes scheduled scan to not work when run under root.
  • cgroups: Scans use more resources due to multiple cores of a VM being used to run scans. This might cause performance issues on Diego Cell VMs with many apps.

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