Spring Cloud Services v1.4

Updating an Instance

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You can update settings on a Circuit Breaker Dashboard service instance using the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface tool (cf CLI). The cf update-service command can be given a -c flag with a JSON object containing parameters used to configure the service instance.

To update a Circuit Breaker Dashboard service instance’s settings, target the org and space of the service instance:

$ cf target -o myorg -s development

API endpoint: (API version: 2.43.0)
User:           user
Org:            myorg
Space:          development

Then run cf update-service SERVICE_NAME -c '{ "PARAMETER": "VALUE" }', where SERVICE_NAME is the name of the service instance, PARAMETER is a supported parameter, and VALUE is the value for the parameter. For information about supported parameters, see the next section.

Configuration Parameters

General parameters accepted for the Circuit Breaker Dashboard are listed below.

Parameter Function Example
upgrade Whether to upgrade the instance '{"upgrade": true}'
force When upgrade is set to true, whether to force an upgrade of the instance, even if the instance is already at the latest available service version '{"force": true}'

To update a service instance so that it is upgraded to the latest available service version, run:

$ cf update-service circuit-breaker-dashboard -c '{"upgrade": true}'
Updating service instance circuit-breaker-dashboard as user...

Update in progress. Use 'cf services' or 'cf service circuit-breaker-dashboard' to check operation status.

As the command output suggests, you can use the cf services or cf service commands to check the status of the service instance. When the update is complete, the cf service command will give a status of update succeeded:

$ cf service circuit-breaker-dashboard

Service instance: circuit-breaker-dashboard
Service: p-circuit-breaker-dashboard
Bound apps: agency
Plan: standard
Description: Circuit Breaker Dashboard for Spring Cloud Applications
Documentation url:

Last Operation
Status: update succeeded
Started: 2017-06-16T18:18:14Z
Updated: 2017-06-16T18:20:17Z

The service instance is now updated and ready to be used. For an example of using a circuit breaker in an application, see the Writing Client Applications topic.

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