Pivotal Cloud Foundry v1.9

PCF Runtime for Windows v1.9 Release Notes



Component Version
* Components marked with an asterisk have been patched to resolve security vulnerabilities or fix component behavior.

How to Upgrade

The PCF Runtime for Windows tile is a new Pivotal product offering as of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) 1.9. To use the PCF Runtime for Windows tile, you need OpsManager 1.9.2 or later and Elastic Runtime 1.9.0 or later.

There are two possible “upgrade” scenarios:

  • You have a deployment of Windows VMs from using the Diego Windows MSI installer.
  • You have a deployment of Windows VMs from using the BOSH Release for Windows (Beta).

For customers who are using Diego Windows, follow the procedures in the Migrating from Diego Windows topic to migrate your applications to Windows cells deployed by the tile.

For customers who are using the BOSH Release for Windows, there is no migration path. To upgrade, you must destroy your deployment of Windows cells (VMs) with the BOSH CLI and then perform a fresh install of the PCF Runtime for Windows tile.

New Features in PCF Runtime for Windows

  • Enables pushing full .NET applications onto Pivotal Cloud Foundry with cf push and specifying the windows2012R2 stack
  • Based on Cloud Foundry open-source, Garden-Windows BOSH release
  • Fully automated deployment of Windows Diego cells through Pivotal Operations Manager
  • Web console for managing machine resources
  • Use BOSH Add-Ons to deploy additions to Windows VMs
  • Designed to run with stemcells containing Windows Server 2012R2

Known Issues

This section lists new and existing known issues for Elastic Runtime.

New Issues

  • On Windows cells, localhost communication is insecure between the Diego Rep and the Consul agent.
  • Due to a bug in libgit2, you cannot push apps using a git repo URL when specifying -b.
  • Staging .NET applications fails when using external Amazon S3 blobstore when deployed on GCP.


  • Restarting the OS will result in BOSH resurrecting the VM.
  • cf ssh is not supported.
  • You can RDP into the Diego Cells to inspect workloads.
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