Pivotal Cloud Foundry v1.9

Using Spring Boot Actuators with Apps Manager

This document describes how to view and manage app information from Spring Boot Actuator in Apps Manager.


The Apps Manager integration with Spring Boot Actuator requires the following:

View Build and Git Information for Your App

To view the data that your app sends to its /info Actuator endpoint, select the Settings tab:


In the upper right of the app page, Apps Manager also displays the SHA of your app code repository from the latest build:

Git sha

View App Health

To view the health-check data that your app sends to its /health Actuator endpoints, see the Instances section:


Manage Log Levels in Apps Manager

Spring Boot apps include loggers for many provided and user components of the app. You can set the log level for each logger in Apps Manager.

To view the Configure Logging Levels screen, select the Logs tab and click the Configure Logging Levels button.

Configure Logging Levels

Apps Manager displays the default log level for each logger in gray.


You can modify the log level for any logger by clicking the desired level in the logger row as in the image below. Whenever you set a log level, the following happens:

  • The log level becomes blue to indicate that it is user-configured.
  • Each child namespace of the logger inherits the log level.

    Note: You can manually set any of the child loggers to override this inheritance.

Set Log level

All of the loggers with user-configured logging levels float to the top of the list.

Float to top

You can reset log levels by clicking the white dot displayed on the current log level.

Reset Logs

You can also filter what loggers you see using the Filter Loggers textbox.

Filter Loggers

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