JMX Bridge v1.9

Release Notes and Known Issues


Release Date: October 13, 2017

Release Notes

  • Maintenance update of the following product dependencies:
    • OpenJDK now v1.8.0.144
    • Golang now v1.9.1
  • To ensure compatibility with upcoming versions of PCF, JMX Bridge will no longer be statically allocating IPs. However, once installed, the allocated IP will remain the same through future upgrades provided the tile has not been uninstalled. Any tooling that currently relies on obtaining the allocated IP through the Ops Manager’s GET /api/v0/deployed/products/:product_guid/static_ips endpoint can now use the GET /api/v0/deployed/products/:product_guid/status endpoint to retrieve this information.
  • Stemcell for v1.9.3 remains v3363

Known issues

  • None


Release Date: August 11, 2017

Release Notes

  • Maintenance update of the following product dependencies:
    • OpenJDK now v1.8.0.141
    • Golang now v1.8.3
    • GRPC-ALL now v1.5.0
    • Guava now v23.0
    • Bouncy Castle-ALL now v1.57
    • netty-tcnative-boringssl-static now 2.0.5.Final
  • JMX Bridge release now uses SHA-256 checksums for improved security
  • Updates requires_product_versions in the metadata to be less strict in order to allow JMX Bridge v1.9 to also work with the future PCF v1.12
  • Stemcell for v1.9.2 remains v3363

Known issues

  • None


Release Date: June 15, 2017

Major Features

  • JMX Bridge v1.9 contains two major architecture changes in support of overall security improvements. No breaking changes in the metrics output or format have been introduced in this effort, so consumption of both BOSH and platform metrics should continue to be seamless for end-users upon upgrading from JMX Bridge v1.8 to JMX Bridge v1.9.
    • The former Firehose consumer, opentsdb-firehose-nozzle, has been updated to a new, gRPC nozzle jmx-firehose-nozzle
    • BOSH metric data now flows from Ops Manager to JMX Bridge via the new jmx-bosh-plugin. The related installation field in Ops Manager has been renamed from “Metrics IP” to “JMX Provider IP Address”, and it automatically configures the new plugin. Ops Manager will migrate IP entries in the “Metrics IP” field to the “JMX Provider IP Address” field upon upgrade from PCF v1.10 to PCF v1.11
  • New optional configuration to “Disable or Enable the Nozzle Prefix”; enabled by default
    • The behavior of the JMX Bridge to prepend opentsdb.nozzle onto all non-BOSH Firehose-transmitted metrics outputted was an artifact of the prior Firehose nozzle. As this was replaced, this artifact was also eliminated. In order to avoid breaking changes to consumers of prior JMX Bridge versions, a new optional feature, enabled by default, was created to continue to prepend this opentsdb.nozzle value onto metrics previously outputted with it
    • If you do not require backward compatibility, you can make the metrics more readable by clearing the Enable Nozzle Prefix checkbox. This omits the opentsdb.nozzle prefix, transmitting the metric values in their pcf-emitted name format.
    • This backwards-compatibility feature may be deprecated in future versions of JMX Bridge. It is strongly recommended that consumer name mappings be updated when possible, and this feature to prepend opentsdb.nozzle then disabled.
  • Support for Firehose transmission of tagged metrics
    • The Firehose is capable of transmitting metrics with tags. While few emitted platform metrics are currently using this capability, for those that are, JMX Bridge v1.9 will pass the tag data along in the same format as seen when using cf nozzle
    • An example of a tagged metric is DopplerServer.listeners.receivedEnvelopes. When viewing this metric via JMX Bridge or cf nozzle the transmitted format is DopplerServer.listeners.receivedEnvelopes[event_type=ContainerMetric,protocol=grpc]

Release Notes

  • JMX Bridge v1.9.1 is targeted for PCF v1.11.x
    • JMX Bridge users upgrading to PCF v1.11, must also upgrade to JMX Bridge v1.9 due to a architecture-driven dependency between Ops Manager v1.11 and JMX Bridge v1.9
  • Stemcell for v1.9.1 is v3363

Known issues

  • Installing JMX Bridge v1.9 on Ops Manager v1.11.0 impacts BOSH metrics output as follows:

    • ID information does not come through JMX Bridge
    • IP Property comes through as a blank string instead of null in JMX Bridge

    If you want to consume BOSH metrics from PCF v1.11 using JMX Bridge v1.9, you must use Ops Manager v1.11.3 or later.

Past Minor v1.8.x

Release notes for v1.8.x releases can be found here.

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